Chris Snape emigrated from England with his family in 1971. He was ten years old.

He worked at a number of jobs before graduating from Flinders University in South Australia with honours in history. He currently teaches Modern History at a school in the southern suburbs of Adelaide.

A number of his short stories have been published, two of which were short-listed in the Adelaide Advertiser Summer Short Story Competition for 1997 and 1999. He is currently looking for a publisher for his new book "The Heart of the Empire".

In talking about his new book Chris says that "'Empire' is a trilogy which looks at three stages in the life of Keith Maskell." The excerpt posted here is from Part One -- "The Heart of the Black Country'". Chris continues, "Central to the novel is the idea that each individual constructs his/her own personality through which they are able to integrate with society. No two worlds are the same."

You may contact Chris at highway61@start.com.au