A Day In The Life Of Me

The ADSL Saga - Sometime 2001
I suppose that it was partly my fault...I expected that when we paid for ADSL I expected to be delivered ADSL.

Responsibility and Accountability - 24th of December 2001
For whom does the bell toll.

Perspective - 15th of March 2002
Pronunciation: p&r-'spek-tiv
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English perspectyf, from Medieval Latin perspectivum, from neuter of perspectivus of sight, optical, from Latin perspectus, past participle of perspicere to look through, see clearly, from per- through + specere to look
Date: 14th century
archaic : an optical glass (as a telescope)

A Maskell Christmas - 20th of April 2002
An excerpt from a book by Chris Snape.
Chrismas day in the black country.
Chris' is currently is seeking publicator for latest book The Black Country.

How my life has changed... - 20th of April 2002
Fear of technology.
Typically modern technology containing integrated circuits - more specifically fear of ocmputers.

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